The Many Faces of Design

“Design” and related words like as “compose”, “choreograph” and “orchestrate” all describe something like the process of artfully arranging seemingly unrelated components in a way that is greater than the sum of the parts.

But would it be possible to say that a beautiful piece of music has been designed? Or that a successful business deal was orchestrated? If we’re speaking loosely, I don’t see why not. These are more or less interchangeable ideas, and the goal seems to be harmony of one sort of another—artistic, physical, spatial, economic, social.

So I would tend to say yes: these words describe the many faces of the creative process.

On the other hand, aesthetic seems to be something like the ability to sense harmony. For a creative professional, the aesthetic sense acts as a guide at every turn of a project.

There are huge paybacks to developing your aesthetic sense and design skill no matter what your role or work. Identifying disharmonies and making them harmonious—whether you spend your time composing, choreographing or orchestrating—is a growth industry.

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