RFM Incorporated Wiki and Community Forum

As part of the greater RFM Incorporated project, Modern Animal helped plan and execute an internal wiki website for knowledge management. We also created a community forum for announcements and improvement suggestions.

Part of the challenge at RFM was sharing information between autonomous employees and departments. As a lean manufacturer, RFM employees wear many hats. And, as RFM grows there is an increasing need for a standard approach to knowledge transfer, training, and cross-training.

Modern Animal proposed a Confluence-driven knowledge management system, but technology is rarely a silver bullet. We also took a deep look at social dynamics, communication trends, and roles and responsibilities.

In the end, Modern Animal delivered not just an internal website, but an innovative system for describing positions that allows an employee to be engaged in multiple “roles” under a formal positional title. These roles are further linked to responsibilities, requirements, and authorities.

RFM also needed an employee suggestion system, and since we had already engaged Confluence on the wiki, we decided to build a full-featured forum on the platform. The forum includes several sub-forums: General Forum, Best Practices (organized by department), Improvement Suggestions & Requests (also organized by department) and the RFM Classifieds (named “Rudeslist” after founder and VP, Rudy Meffert).

Project Results

  • RFM’s parent company, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, is so impressed with the execution that they have slated RFM to become the global “master vendor” for all MM-group companies
  • The wiki is quickly becoming a widely-adopted guidebook for internal training and development
  • This form of documentation will help RFM qualify for ISO 9001:2015 certification within the next year or so
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