RFM Incorporated Logo Refresh and Identity Fundamentals

As part of its efforts to achieve the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, RFM called on Modern Animal to help discover a new and more tactical mission statement, a set of strategic objectives, and values.

We established a design process that would help us to discover the deepest values of the organization through a series of questionnaires and interviews. We then worked with management to define the most important strategic distinctions that guide every department’s decision making.

In the middle of this process, RFM moved locations and needed a logo refresh.

At that point, we established design criteria for a new logo and generated concepts. This new version recalls the previous one, but adopts a sleeker and more modern look overall. We also replaced the previous “incorporated” under the RFM letters with an updated slogan that better reflects the future direction of RFM and the history of innovation and creativity.

Project Results

  • RFM now uses its core values as a framework for hiring, firing, and employee review
  • The RFM mission statement and strategic objectives now form the framework for goal-setting during RFM’s ISO management review
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