Habitat for Humanity Event Website and Logo

Kalamazoo Valley Habitat for Humanity (KVHH) is a nonprofit organization that builds and repairs homes in partnership with qualified, working families. KVHH needed Modern Animal’s help designing a new logo, custom print materials, and website to promote their “Habi Hour 2017” fundraising event.

Modern Animal worked with KVHH to refresh the previous Habi Hour logo and integrate a Mardi Gras theme, as per the KVHH board’s inspiration. We did several rounds of revisions, and when we were done, KVHH was happy with the festive and colorful logo that resulted.

Once we had the logo, we spent some time understanding exactly what was needed and what the message for the attendees and donors would be. In short order, we determined that a series of mailers would be created prior to the event both announcing the event and asking for donor support in funding the event and purchasing the prizes on offer for the night.

The centerpiece of the project was the one-page website, which showcases a clean, responsive layout and “flat” design style. The colors were selected to reflect Habitat for Humanity’s 2016 official brand identity update.

Project Results

The Habi Hour event took place on February 27, 2017. The grand total raised from ticket sales, silent and live auction was $38,100.76!

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