Basin Great Lakes Business Model Design and Marketing

Basin Great Lakes was a concept for an environmental conservation organization masquerading as a marketplace for art, ideas, and adventure.

Over the summer of 2015, our founder Nathan Meffert and photographer Ryan Chylinski of clarified an entrepreneurial vision for Basin Great Lakes that revolved around selling art, ideas, experiences to audiences as a means to support Great Lakes-area conservation and creative culture.

The business model went through several iterations before launching to a friends and family network in 2016.

Ryan and Nathan were able to identify a sizable market, an unmet need, and to solidify a model that brought consumers together with artisans. Our first promotion was with Ypsilanti, Michigan-area artist Jim Cherewick.

Although the duo ultimately abandoned the project for greener pastures, the process represents a full dive into business model design and development with a strong web design effort and outreach based on a solid customer development framework.

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