Process and Services

As a full-service outsourced brand identity design and digital marketing firm, we spend our days reenergizing and reinvigorating brand stories, developing effective and elegant digital marketing platforms, and connecting tribes with opportunities to support and fund remarkable mission-driven projects. 

Our Process

We draw from a long list of capabilities (see Our Services below) to customize our approach with each client, but there are some commonalities from project to project. A typical full-scope client program might look something like this:

Phase I: Discovery

We conduct research to understand what you want people to think about you, what they actually think about you, and the gap between the two.

Phase II: Strategy

We develop a plan igniting true passion for your cause from the people who already care most: your customers, employees, and community members.

Phase III: Activation

We build out your digital marketing infrastructure to prepare the soil for the growth of your movement. This is a diverse phase, different for every customer.

Phase IV: Ignition

In the final phase, we build energy around your brand, unveil your mission, and engage your community through events, media, and strategic asks.

Our Services

Modern Animal is a location-independent agency. We’re always on the move, discovering new ideas, connecting leaders, and establishing resources all over the world. Because we don’t have rigid work hours or office locations, our services are more flexible, personalized, and less time-constrained than larger agencies.

We love to travel to clients, where we can be the design anthropologists that we are, fully immersing ourselves in your culture, rituals, and routines.

Identity Design

A well-designed brand identity helps businesses tell better stories by exploring and celebrating who they are, why they exist and where they are going. We offer both internal and external identity development.

Marketing Strategy

Once you know who you are, it’s time to tell the story. We develop marketing strategy and pay careful attention to the business model innovations that it requires. There are two forms of marketing and brand development: internal and external. We do both.

Web Development

Modern Animal web platforms are grounded in great design and a comprehensive messaging strategy. SEO, analytics, responsive, UX, content marketing—we’ve got your back.

Social Media

Your passionate customers and employees are your homegrown digital word of mouth marketing team. Our job is to remove the boundaries to their participation in your movement.


We think of ourselves as both designers and writers. Whether analog or digital, message is everything and if you can’t tell us who you are in one cohesive paragraph, we’re not going to follow.

Logos and Brand Collateral

In On Writing Well, writer, editor, and teacher William Zinsser writes, “design is the servant of the written word.” We develop tasteful brand materials (logos, business cards, letterhead, social media banners, fliers, postcards) that amplify the story you’re telling.

PR and Media Placement

Traditional long-form media still plays a role in building movements and creating buzz around new products, events, or a new location. We like to write, so you’re in luck.

Event Planning

Whether it’s a launch party or a concert, all of your supporters in the same room celebrating their love for you is never a bad thing.

Crowdfunding and Fundraising

Crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns are a linchpin in building an engaged community – and they have the added benefit of getting you the money you need to do the work you love!

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