Why We Love Creative Field Trips

At Modern Animal, we plan creative excursions at the beginning of every season to help our team stay inspired and think freely. We recently took a field trip to Ypsilanti, Michigan for DIYpsi, an indie art fair. This outing helped us dream up unique projects for the Winter.

Creative gatherings are also an opportunity for us to find non-traditional marketing partners. At this event, we connected with artists, small business owners and fashion designers that are all doing their part to bring more beauty into our local community. While browsing their booths, we discovered robots made from kitchen appliances, planters nestled inside used books, unique space-themed clothing, and more!

The Library Lab

*Photo from Sherri Green

At Modern Animal, we continually hone our observational and design skills through travel, cross-training, and bold experiments. Let us know what you do to stay creative in your personal or professional life by sending us a message on Twitter!

*Featured Photo by Beau Stanton

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