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Manufacturing and the Lost Art of Making Things (Happen)

If you want to learn something about how business works and things get done, go study manufacturing. The act of turning a drawing on paper into a finished and shippable product is a  “meta-skill” that, once you grasp it, can totally transform your approach to life and work. Manufacturing is the discipline of getting things done—making them real. Without […]

The Many Faces of Design

“Design” and related words like as “compose”, “choreograph” and “orchestrate” all describe something like the process of artfully arranging seemingly unrelated components in a way that is greater than the sum of the parts. But would it be possible to say that a beautiful piece of music has been designed? Or that a successful business deal […]

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The Hard Work of Seeing Things Differently

The hardest work in good design is emotional. We sit down to solve a problem together and quickly realize that each member of our team sees it differently. But what initially looks like a potential source of conflict doesn’t have to be a conflict at all. A good designer knows that this is not about my ideas […]