The Modern Animal Manifesto

Our manifesto is everything we believe in. It’s our lessons learned, our beliefs, what’s important to us. Like our values and mission, our manifesto is a part of our internal operating system that helps us decide what to focus on, what to create, and how to act.

The world is changing and there are huge opportunities to make a positive impact for organizations and people willing to adapt.
We can all tell stories that brings more meaning, beauty, and connection into the lives of our communities and customers.
Marketing is a powerful influencer of attitudes and behaviors, and marketers have an ethical responsibility to act with sincerity and integrity.
In a world where anyone with an internet connection can self-educate, self-publish, and compete for free, being unremarkable and doing “safe” work is no longer an option.
Part of being remarkable is doing work that makes a positive change in the world. People want to follow, join, and support positivity—the age of negativity is over.
Good design is about more than making pretty pictures, websites, or widgets—it’s a way of thinking and a practice that opens reveals new solutions and insights.
Some of the best ideas come from exploration digging into areas that don’t at first seem to be related to the problem you’re trying to solve or the thing you’re trying to create.
Great ideas often come from the quietest voices in the room, the most underrepresented groups, and the farthest outsiders.
Contrary to what we see in news and politics, it is possible for groups of sincere, creative people to come together to create things that are bigger, better, and more impactful than any one person could do on their own.
Organizational culture is essential for building an environment of ongoing learning, innovation, and compelling storytelling.
Healthy culture is based on trust.
The more high-tech things become, the more important it is to amplify creativity in our lives and organizations. Creativity is insurance against human obsolescence.
Instead of focusing on work-life balance, we should be doing work that enhances our lives and living lives that lead to amazing insights, ongoing skill development, and out-of-the-box thinking.
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